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1)  How much does ACH processing cost?
Processing costs vary by processor.  Costs of as little as $0.20 per transaction are available for high volume merchants.

2)  What are ACH Returns?
If a transaction cannot be processed for some reason, a reject code might be returned.  Please see ACH Return Codes for a list.  Most processors will charge an extra fee for rejected transactions.  The amounts range from $2.00 - $5.00 per returned transactions.

3)  What are ACH NOC Codes?
The ACH network provides Notifications of Change (NOCs) when something about a bank account has changed. For example, if you submit a payment for which the name on the bank account has changed, a NOC code might be returned. Some processors charge an extra fee for NOCs.  See ACH NOC Codes for a list of codes.

4)  How long will it take to get my funds?
The number of days it takes to get your funds will vary by processor.  A standard hold time is about 4 days.

5) What kind of business would benefit most from ACH processing
Businesses of all types and sizes can use ACH processing.  However, businesses that make or receive repetitive payments can often benefit the most.  ACH processing is more convenient than standard checks and costs less than standard credit card processing.